How To Cash Out The Equity In Your LA Area Home And Buy A “Wealth Building” Investment Property Somewhere More Affordable

If you’re like a lot of LA area homeowners, you’ve probably built up a fair amount of equity in your home over the past few years. 

And if you want to put that equity to work for you, buying an investment property in this area will be pretty tough, because prices on anything you try to buy will be pretty high too. 

But, if you’re open to a little bit of “location arbitrage,” you might find that the dollars you “cash out” from your LA area property go a LONG way in other places. 

For example, my nationwide team has been helping Los Angeles area residents buy 2nd homes, vacation homes, or investment/income properties in places like: 

  • Las Vegas
  • Sacramento
  • Tampa/St Pete Florida
  • Phoenix Arizona
  • Houston/Dallas Texas

And we’re even finding “Propertunities” in less popular areas like Harrisburg-Pa, Cleveland-OH…..

Basically, there’s a realistic chance that you could “tap the equity” in your home right now and pay CASH (or put a sizable down payment) on a property in one of these other areas. 

If this sounds good, here’s a process you can follow

  • Go to and use the wizard to learn the current market value of your property. Figure out the market value of your LA Home (
  • Leverage A Creative Program To Refinance Your Existing Property and Get “Cash Out For Your Acquisition. Here are some interesting programs from our preferred lending partner
  • Start Shopping For Properties in One Of The “More Affordable” Areas Mentioned Above 


Of course, for this last step you’ll want to be pretty strategic and make sure that the “cash out” of your LA area home really goes a long way toward building you long term wealth. 

This is where me and my network of agent partners around the country can be especially helpful. 

To set up a time to chat more about this idea and what opportunities might work for your specific situation, call or shoot me a text at 424-238-3892 today. 

Thanks! And I look forward to talking with you.

-Lawrence King, LuxuryKingRealty.Com